ASPIRE is a New York based non-profit organization that helps children and young adults with limb loss get back to an active healthy life style. Through sports, teamwork and education, the ASPIRE program reaches out to help amputees all over the United States.

From children to adults, the loss of a limb is profound. Having support and getting back to a normal or more active lifestyle can make all the difference.  Our experiences in life help us determine who we want to be, now and in the future. The loss of a limb should not change that. ASPIRE provides children and adults with opportunities and events that motivate them to get out, be active and do things they probably never thought they could.  ASPIRE helps build confidence that will transfer to all they do in life.  Some of the many ASPIRE events include:

  • rock climbing,
  • participating in triathlons
  • horseback riding 
  • ski/snowboarding camps
  • dancing
  • learning to swim, run, ride a bike

ASPIRE is dedicated to helping amputees live life without limits.